Welcome to the website of the Canadian Linguistics Olympiad (OLC-CLO).

For 2016-2017, the English Canadian Linguistics Olympiad team will be chosen using the North American Computational Linguistics Olympiad (NACLO). See the NACLO website for all details.

Check back here in 2017-2018 for details on future Canadian Linguistics Olympiads.

The first-round competition in English will take place on January 26th 2017. Winners will be selected to go on to the second round.

If you are a teacher/professor interested in hosting a testing site for the Canadian Linguistics Olympiad in English, you can register on the NACLO site (scroll over ‘Site Coordinators). If you want to make your site bilingual, please contact Heather Newell.

The goal of OLC-CLO is to expose secondary and 1st-year CÉGEP students to the fields of  linguistics, computational linguistics, and language technology before they begin their university studies. The competition consists of pencil-and-paper puzzles that assume no prior knowledge of linguistics, requiring only analytic and pattern-recognition skills.

The winners of the OLC-CLO competitions in both French and English will represent Canada at the 2017 International Linguistics Olympiad.

The chosen teams will begin training for the IOL after they are selected. This year the international competition will take place in July, in Dublin.